Last updated 13 January 2024



Yorkshire Mardave Racing Club Mini rules. 

1) Cars to be l/12th scale Mardave Assassin Mini series as available from Mardave or our trackside shop.

2) Chassis can be GRP or Carbon as supplied in new kit.  Wheelbase should be 17.5cm. 

3) Only  servo’s permitted for use.  New Futaba S-U300 Digital and ball raced servo. (Replaces the Futaba S3003 and can still be used as long as it is available), or Etronix 6.6kg Mini Digital Servo, or Powerstar Mini Servo.  Compatible servo saver and mounts may be used on the steering servo. 

4) Any track rods, ball cups and balls may be used to replace ones from the kit. 

5) The wheels and tyres may be changed from the original kit.  Any compound of Mardave and Contact tyres can be used.   Tyres may be trued. 

6) Please use any commercially available bodyshell.  ABS bodyshells are allowed, windows may be cut out, but if not they must be clearly defined. Polycarbonate bodyshells are also allowed, windows must remain clear. ABS and Lexan shells are available from Mardave or Kamtec. Any make of body mounts may be used. 

7) Any Ballraces allowed on front and rear axles. 

8) Rear axle must remain solid (No Diffs). 

9) Spur gears to be 48T and 32dp. Mardave Zdrive or Schumacher dog drive system is allowed with compatible uprated 48T spur gear. 

10) Only 3 32dp pinion gears to be used 13T, 14T or 15T. 

11) Any strength suspension springs front or rear may be used. 

12) ONLY  ESC’s  permitted. G2 - Mardave Ultra HR4 ESC, Mtroniks Viper Oval RS, Mtroniks Viper oval Ultra RS and the Mtroniks Viper Auto sport tuned20 (plug and play)  or the Ultra Circuit G5-HR3 .

13) Only 3 motors permitted, Mardaves G2 Motor with 2 cooling slots , Core 21 turn or Etronics Sport Tuned stock 20 turn, are allowed. The motor may be fitted to either side of the chassis, providing there is no modification or alteration to the chassis or mounting blocks. Motors must remain unopened. 

14) Cars to use four cell battery packs only, cells to be sub-C sized only, with a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts per cell. Cells must be readily identifiable and available. Any 4.8v  Racing Packs may be used, up to a maximum of 5000mAh and available at Mardave, EBay or The Component Shop.  Battery mountings may be changed from the original kit. 

15) Only Mardave external front bumpers  are allowed. 

16) Steel whip aerials and rollover masts are not allowed, however standard ‘straw’ type aerial is permitted. 

17) Only Water based tyre additives are allowed. 

18) There should be a minimum ground clearance of 3mm; this is to include any protruding screws, 1mm clearance for spur gear.  

19) Front wishbones, suspension and steering axles to remain same as kit supplied. King pin brace may be added. 

20) If you intend to alter your car in any way that is not covered by the above, you must check with the scrutineer for approval. We expect all drivers to use common sense when modifying cars and to enter into the spirit of the sport. Remember, it is intended to be "Pocket Money Racing" so that everyone is on a level playing field.